Seismic Services

Seismic investigations employ lower frequency acoustic waves. Waves are reflected back to an array of detectors on the surface when they encounter an interface where the subsurface physical properties change. Seismic detects changes at a significantly greater depth and scale than GPR but with considerably less resolution. Because acoustic waves change as they pass through the earth, the waveform change can also provide important information.

At GPR Canada we are most interested in near surface seismic though the technique has applications to great depth.

Seismic data processing is a highly evolved and complex subject, requiring many, many years of hands on experience to master. Andy has provided such services to the Worlds largest companies for some of their most challenging projects. Clients include ARAMCO, CNRL, Shell, BP, OXY, ADNOC, TOTAL.

Reflection, Refraction and MASW

· Shallow reflection seismic – near surface geological mapping, aquifer delineation, mineral exploration

· Refraction seismic – Bedrock profiling, depth to bedrock, depth to water table.

· MASW (Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves) – Seismic shear wave analysis

  • Vs30 Calculation for Seismic Site Classification (National Building Code requirement)
  • Calculating rock and soils elastic properties.
  • Liquefaction analysis

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