GPR Canada provides High Resolution Subsurface Imaging (GPR) – See applications, Electromagnetic (EM) and GPR Utility Locates, High resolution Concrete Scanning, professional subsurface interpretation and reporting, near surface seismic imaging and data processing for data acquired by GPR and seismic. In addition GPR Canada offers seismic data processing QC consulting services to industry.

GPR and Seismic are non-destructive remote sensing geophysical techniques. In the right conditions these techniques can provide accurate and invaluable information pertaining to the near surface.

Both techniques utilize similar physics, whereby a signal is transmitted into the earth, reflected by buried structures and objects and recorded. Analysis of the propagating wave transit time and characteristics allows the geophysicist to build up a map of the subsurface. However, each technique has specific applications.   

At GPR Canada, we aim to provide you with the best possible professional service at the best possible rate, wherever in Canada you are. If you receive a written quote for a service we offer, we will beat it by 15% (Mobilization rates excluded). At GPR Canada we believe in transparency and are confident that we provide superior service at a lower price. If you need more information about pricing or would like a zero obligation quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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For example, residential utility locates and small concrete scanning projects are regularly completed for a minimum charge. Full 3D Subsurface imaging with Professional Summary report can be completed in as little as 1.5 days – 0.5 days 3D field acquisition, 1 day office time.

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